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In this page user can read download and share different wazaif.These wazaifs are from quran ,ahadis and from some authentic books.If user click on the download button full picture of wazifa will open and user download it and if user click on  read then new page will open and on this page user can also downlaod the audio of wazifa with good pronuncation and enuncation 

Wazifa baraye Jism ka Dard

Surah e Fatah ka Wazifa

Wazifa baraye Taleemi taraki

Wazifa baraye Ilm

Wazifa baraye Zouq e Talawat

Wazifa baraye Ulad e Nareena

Wazifa baraye Khouf e Khuda

Wazifa baraye Aman o Salamati

Wazifa baraye sakhawat e Nafs